Solo Exhibition
9 December - 20 January 2024

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 9 December 2023
Exhibition Closure: Saturday 20 January 2024

WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to present Substantial, a solo exhibition by Paul Edmunds.

For the most part, we regard ourselves as separate, distinct beings, perhaps not subject to the laws of nature. The buildings we design and construct – hermetically sealed, climate-controlled, and energetically inefficient – reflect and reinforce this view.

But it’s lonely there, disconnected from our surroundings and fellow beings, and it’s not working out very well.

The surfaces, volumes and views I have assembled here propose an alternative as much to the built environment as to the insulated selves we construct. Here we encounter insubstantial boundaries, temporary arrangements and simple materials which contain space only as much as they invite passage. Among them perhaps we can forget our alienation and re-establish a relationship with our surroundings.

– Text by Paul Edmunds