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June 28, 2019

Dan Halter and Chris Soal Walkabout at WHATIFTHEWORLD

WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to invite you to Dan Halter and Chris Soal’s artist walkabouts at the gallery tomorow, Saturday, 29 June at 11.00.

Halter and Soal will walk us through their current exhibitions, ‘Cross the River in a Crowd’ and ‘Field of Vision’, both of which host sculptural works.

In Dan Halter’s solo exhibition, he returns to his reflections on the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe. Using ubiquitous checkered plastic weave “Ghana Must Go” bags as the central motif, he explores themes of migration, dislocation, and the trading of resources.

For more information, click here.

In Chris Soal’s presentation, he centralises his engagement with toothpicks as an artistic material. Soal reviews the value placed on these mass-produced, utilitarian objects – designed to be discarded – to make a commentary on the human condition.

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