Upside Down

Solo Exhibition
28 October - 2 December 2023

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 28 October 2023
Exhibition Closure: Saturday 2 December 2023

WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to present Upside Down, a solo exhibition by John Murray.

The paintings in this show continue to reflect my emphasis on the method and the act of painting, prioritising it over the subject matter.

The idea of not having full control when painting appeals to me. I become immersed in mark-making and painting, allowing the surface’s marks, textures, and colours to guide my decision-making. I start this process with uncertainty, not knowing where it may lead me or what the ultimate outcome will look like.

To me, these paintings resemble landscapes. They are like walking through a city where one is confronted with fluctuations, the juxtaposition of renewal and decay, and a power struggle between the hard edges of human infrastructure and the softer textures of the natural world.

This process is akin to a walkabout, where the route is strewn with relics representing fragments of memory, emotion, and life experiences that unfurl as I paint.

– John Murray