I Was Born Yesterday

Solo Exhibition
3 September - 3 October 2014

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 3 September 2014
Exhibition Closure: Friday 3 October 2014

WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to present I was born yesterday an exhibition of new work by Michael Taylor.

This new body of work sees the artist returning to the seas, a trenchant metaphorical space in which Taylor unleashes his imagined characters. I was born yesterday follows the events of stereotyped gentlemen tribes, coming together in a spectacular staged race. An eccentric romp, fictionalising a battle of the male egos and parodying masculine attitudes.

Bands of men appear theatrically spread out in scenes of nonsense rituals, uncomfortable teaming, unseemly gestures, and small misadventures. These colourful tableaux depict man as confident, youthful, and eager, revelling in his wanderlust with an ignorant, bright expression.

Pervading the image surface are visible traces of preliminary sketches and movements that supplement the unlikely nature of the protagonists. Their portraits are contradictions. Figures appear devoid of certainty, with features left blank, they can be described only by their shadows and ill-colouring.

The body of work is presented in a series of large-scale drawings and painting installations. Group portraits are placed facing each other, or touching in some cases, implying a sense of similitude and the illusion of togetherness.

Taylor’s work brings together different visual lexicons to challenge notions of representation and narrative art. His interpretations are fuelled by a keen interest in unconventional perspectives, exaggeration, intense colour use, and awkward expression.

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