Dark Clouds Are Gathering By Olaf Hajek

Solo Exhibition By Olaf Hajek

16 March - 16 April 2011

Opening: Wed 16 March 18h30 - 21h00

Whatiftheworld is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Berlin-based illustrator and figurative painter Olaf Hajek.

Olaf Hajek is currently one of the most internationally renowned and sought-after illustrators. His colourful work can be seen in publications including The New York Times and The Guardian, as well as on stamps for Great Britain’s Royal Mail. Drawing on the diverse influences of folklore, mythology, religion, history, and geography, Hajek’s paintings transport us to a world of surreal juxtaposition and rearranged realities to explore a realm that is always strangely off kilter.

Using his impressions of Africa as a departure point for this series of new works, Hajek combines a sense of wonder inspired by the continents natural beauty with a darker look at its social and political reality. The result is a body of work that whilst visually beguiling at first glance expresses a series of more complex concerns.

Working between the borders of reality and imagination, Hajek reshapes the rough with the smooth, creating dreamlike tableaux that are skillfully rendered in his signature use of color and technique. His work has been exhibited in London, Berlin, New York, Alanta, and Buenos Aires. This is his first solo exhibition in Africa, and will be accompanied by the release of his recently published monograph by Gestalten.