Solo Exhibition

01 April - 01 May 2010 / SHOW EXTENDED UNTIL 24 MAY

Opening: Thursday 01 April 18h30

Whatiftheworld is pleased to present the second solo exhibition by Jan-Henri Booyens titled Tectonic. Booyens (b. 1981) is a fast-rising, young South African painter imbued with a distinctive artistic vision. After his successful debut solo exhibition The Matt Sparkle at Whatiftheworld in 2008, Marilyn Martin (former director of the SA National Gallery) wrote that his works were “unashamedly modernist in intention and execution”.

Martin added: “A member of the visual art collective Avant Car Guard, his is a fascinating and vibrant take on contemporary abstract painting. Booyens presented a microcosm of history and new possibilities. Some works harked back to the approaches of the 1960s and 1970s, while others combined painterly brush strokes with hard-edged lines, floating shapes and calligraphic marks. He succeeds in challenging the two-dimensionality of the surface and creating dynamic visual and spatial tensions”.

Tectonic will again reveal Booyens’ modernist view of his landscape. The works will tease viewers with presentations of the seemingly chaotic (and fragile) or the seemingly structured (and rythmic) patterns and elements of his landscape. His preference for large scale canvasses allows the sheer physicality of his painting style to emerge fully, side-by-side with Booyens’ very personal use of colours and hues.

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