Ben Orkin


Previously working under his chosen name, NEBNIKRO, multi-disciplinary artist Ben Orkin (b.1998) has begun to establish his practice as a sculptor in South Africa. Resulting from the inversion of Orkin’s own name, NEBNIKRO allowed for the fluidity of identity, categorisation, concept, and form. His practice is a means of moving away from expectations derived from traditional thinking and is a step towards defining his own identity. 

Orkin is currently completing his BA Fine Arts at Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town, South Africa. His array of media includes photography, bead-work, ceramics, and sculpture. His practice is informed by the human form as it evolves through the experience of both spatial and inter-personal relationships, with a specific investigation into the physical–emotional connections thereof. 

In 2018, Orkin won best new talent at the 100% Design fair, South Africa.