Julia Rosa Clark


Julia Rosa Clark has worked as an artist and curator for the last 15 years. Her eight solo exhibitions feature work ranging from lit-up suitcases to clothing to large wall installations. Her exhibits engulf the entire gallery, using the floor, walls and ceiling as canvas for her mixed media art.

Often using found objects, her materials include childrens toys, old boxes, found fabrics and meticulous paper cutouts. Clark describes her work of altering these objects as adevice for coping with an overload of information or emotion. “The variety of styles, multitude of cutouts and use of bright colour give Clarks work a fanciful feel while she explores deep topics.

Her 2004/2005 exhibitions, A Million Trillion Gazillion, used these elements to explore the changing nature of knowledge systems. Clark transformed traditional educational materials such as illustrated books to expose the in congruencies of an idealized worldview with the failure and realities of our contemporary world. Three of her solo exhibitions act as a trilogy, looking into the fleeting nature of knowledge systems. Hypocrites Lament (2007) focuses on response cycles of addition and destruction, followed by Fever Jubilee an uplifting (2007) focusing on growth and regeneration. The final piece of the trilogy Paradise Apparatus (2010) focused directly on science and education, featuring instillations alluding to physics and philosophy.

Booty, her exhibition in 2012 explored the realms of colonial appropriation, history, memory and representation, exhibiting her own agency and position when encountering these broad themes, Clark used chance and contingency to unsettle such notions. Continuing with the use of chance encounters as a way of teasing out meaning from the residue of modern life , Clark created Two Works (2015), a site specific installation composed of Fear and Flying a free form large scale collage and Tone Poem, a meditative video installation. In addition to her solo exhibitions, Clark has been featured in numerous group shows and collaborations. She has also curated and co-curated numerous shows including Big Wednesday (2008) and Sing into my Mouth (2009) at the WHATIFTHEWORLD in Cape Town.

In addition to her work as an artist Clark has lectured at a number of South African universities. Clark has taught at the University of Cape Town. She has also acted as a lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town School of Photography and Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 Two Works - WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2012 BOOTY: New Drawings by Julia Rosa Clark, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2010 Paradise Apparatus, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2007 Fever Jubilee, Blank Projects, Cape Town
Hypocrite's Lament, Joao Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town
2006 Lalaland, Joao Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town
A Million Trillion Gazillion, LISTE 06, Basel, Switzerland
2004 A Million Trillion Gazillion, Joao Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 After the Thrill is Gone, Gwen Frostic School of Art, Michigan
Dear Europa ... - WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2015 Foreign Bodies - WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2013 Positive Tension - WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2010 Artworks in Progress: Staff Group Show, Michaelis Gallery, Cape Town
Dada South, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town
2009 Sing into my mouth: Curated by Julia Rosa Clark, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
Holiday, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2008 Prints and Editions, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
Hypocrite's Lament & The Drain of Progress, Ferreira Projects, London
2007 CCC, Association for Visual Arts (AVA), Cape Town
2006 Out of Line: Drawings from the Collection of Sherry and Joel Mallin Herbert, F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University of New York
Artissima: Art13, Torino, Italy
LISTE 06, Basel, Switzerland
Knights of the New Utopia, Bearspace, London
MTN New Contemporaries Award, (Finalist) JAG, Johannesburg
20 Artists Print Portfolio, Bell-Roberts, Cape Town
The Collage Show, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
Town and Country, Rust-en-Vrede, Cape Town

Selected Publications

2012      Julia Rosa Clark