Julia Rosa Clark


Julia Rosa Clark (born 1975) works with elements of throwaway nostalgia to create witty, poignant collages and installations. Her works function both to incite personal longing and to deconstruct general, though often specifically South African, cultural truths as learned through the information systems of the public education system, popular media and family legend.

Trained at the Michaelis School of Fine Art as a printmaker, Clark’s media range from suitcases to paintings to skateboard ramps and pretty boys. In 2012, Clark showcased her second solo exhibition at WHATIFTHEWORLD, titled BOOTY: New Drawings by Julia Rosa Clark.


The final pieces / spaces I make usually result from a lengthy process of collecting, shredding, sorting and altering of found objects and images. This process is a kind of protective filter, a device for coping with an overload of information or emotion. The timeliness and repetition of the action allows for a rational distance to grow between myself and the subject matter.

In earlier work, this device helped me to overcome overwhelming new sensations (such as lust or loss) and make visual analogies for these experiences. More recently, the process has opened up a way of navigating the world of information, and re-examining information about the world.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 Two Works - WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2012 BOOTY: New Drawings by Julia Rosa Clark, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2010 Paradise Apparatus, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2007 Hypocrite's Lament, Joao Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town
Fever Jubilee, Blank Projects, Cape Town
2006 Lalaland, Joao Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town
A Million Trillion Gazillion, LISTE 06, Basel, Switzerland
2004 A Million Trillion Gazillion, Joao Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Foreign Bodies - WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2013 Positive Tension - WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2010 Dada South, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town
Artworks in Progress: Staff Group Show, Michaelis Gallery, Cape Town
2009 Holiday, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
Sing into my mouth: Curated by Julia Rosa Clark, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
2008 Prints and Editions, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
Hypocrite's Lament & The Drain of Progress, Ferreira Projects, London
2007 CCC, Association for Visual Arts (AVA), Cape Town
2006 20 Artists Print Portfolio, Bell-Roberts, Cape Town
The Collage Show, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town
Town and Country, Rust-en-Vrede, Cape Town
MTN New Contemporaries Award, (Finalist) JAG, Johannesburg
Knights of the New Utopia, Bearspace, London
Artissima: Art13, Torino, Italy
LISTE 06, Basel, Switzerland
Out of Line: Drawings from the Collection of Sherry and Joel Mallin Herbert, F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University of New York